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Medical Office HVAC Service Contractor Alpharetta, GA

Climate control and air quality are especially crucial in a medical setting where patients are experiencing a variety of health issues. If you own or manage a medical office, you know how important it is to have an HVAC system that is well maintained and reliable. At JS Thomas Service, we have over 35 years of experience servicing, installing and repairing commercial HVAC for our clients, many in the medical field.

Our job is to ensure our clients with commercial or medical facilities do not need to worry about their air quality and climate control. We specialize in maintaining strict indoor air quality standards, as well as meeting temperature and humidity preferences. Our factory-certified technicians adhere to using the most advanced methods and equipment for ensuring the HVAC systems we install and service will meet the stringent needs of our medical clients.

Healthcare HVAC Service

When you manage a healthcare office facility, you have bigger and more important issues to worry about than your HVAC system. Let the experts at JS Thomas Service be your go-to HVAC Service Contractor for all your needs. We specialize in chiller and MRI facility maintenance, with the expertise needed to maintain any type of medical facility HVAC system. Our services include:

  • HVAC installation
  • Turnkey equipment retrofits
  • HVAC repairs
  • HVAC maintenance plans
  • Automation systems
  • Controls

You can trust our knowledgeable and experienced team to be there for all your HVAC needs, whether you need a new system, maintenance or an emergency repair. Our expertise in medical facilities and commitment to quality make us the right choice of HVAC Service Contractor for your medical office.

To learn more about JS Thomas Service and our medical office HVAC services, contact our office in the Atlanta area. We are a family-owned company, serving the businesses in the Atlanta area for their HVAC needs since 1973.

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