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Continuing its commitment to unrivaled service, repair and installation, JS Thomas Service, Inc. has expanded its capabilities with the ability to work on any building automation system as a certified Distech Control Contractor. This advanced automation system is the most cost-effective on the market, helping consumers achieve a savings of up to 30%, depending on their current system. Further, the Distech Automation System allows for easy access and seamless control of HVAC equipment anywhere and anytime from a smartphone, computer or tablet.

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As North Georgia and Atlanta’s certified Distech Control Contractor, JS Thomas Service, Inc. is positioned to offer an even greater management tool for buildings, one that optimizes energy efficiency and comfort, while reducing operating costs.

The Best in Building Automation Management Systems

Specializing in commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC services and repair, the team members at JS Thomas Service, Inc. take pride in providing fast and direct service to new and existing clients. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the best in building automation management systems as a certified Distech Control Contractor.

In turn, the myDC (my distech control) mobile control application enables clients to have remote access and interaction with their building management system. This means that clients and operators can see active alarms and respond with the appropriate actions straight from their mobile devices. Additionally, the application allows for configuration of inputs, outputs and set points, as well as an easy to view calendar, color-coded icons and the ability to override values. As a highly effective tool for greater efficiency, improved response time to consumer calls and customer satisfaction, the myDC control application is presented in real-time, allowing for remote servicing and maintenance. For more information about going mobile with the myDC control application, click here.

For clients in and around Atlanta that are interested in the innovative solution found in the Distech Automation System, you’ll be pleased to know that unlike other automation services, it does not become obsolete over time. With automatic updates, its features are always new, providing a long lasting, functional solution to help consumers focus on their bottom line.

Niagara – Your Complete Management and Control Solution

With a clear shift in how building and facility owners connect and control their devices and systems, Niagara is an open framework that transforms traditional systems into dynamic, intelligent buildings. Thus, for office buildings and towers to manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels, airports, convenience stores and properties with multiple facilities, Niagara has become a complete management and control solution.

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Specifically, the Niagara platform enables around the clock monitoring and mobile management of nearly every component of a business, from security and elevators, to HVAC, lighting and more. What’s more is that its flexible framework preserves existing investments with the ability to integrate them with newer, smarter technologies. Requiring only a standard web browser, owners and managers can access and monitor a variety of systems, while combining information along various sources. With greater management and control, energy costs are lower, customer and/or tenant satisfaction is greater and security is improved. Without question, businesses benefit from higher efficiencies, reduced energy costs and greater ROI.

If you’re seeking an advanced, cost-efficient and rewarding automation system for your building, contact the professionals at JS Thomas Service, Inc. today.

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