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Hospitals Alpharetta, GA

Medical centers and hospitals must maintain the highest standards when it comes to a clean and healthy environment. This includes climate control for air quality, temperature and humidity. There is no room for missteps when it comes to maintaining a hospital HVAC system; poor air quality can impact the health and well-being of the patients being treated. At JS Thomas Service, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest standard of air quality for medical centers and hospitals. We specialize in servicing medical HVAC systems and chillers.

JS Thomas Service is family owned and has served the commercial sector of Atlanta for their HVAC needs since 1973. Over the years, we gained specific expertise in medical facilities, making us the preferred source for HVAC service for medical offices, hospitals and surgical centers. Our team of factory-certified technicians is highly trained and experienced. We offer an elevated level of service for our medical facilities, helping them maintain excellent air quality, humidity levels and temperatures for a healthy environment.

Experienced HVAC Service Contractor for Medical Facilities

Medical centers and hospitals must be maintained at the highest standard, especially when it comes to air quality. Our expertise in chiller and MRI facility maintenance set us apart from other HVAC Service Contractors that may only maintain industrial or small commercial facilities. Our team maintains systems for large medical facilities, including chilled water and DX split systems. We understand the intricacies that are involved in medical HVAC systems and how important it is to keep them efficient and working properly to maintain the highest health standard.

JS Thomas Service is your source in Atlanta for quality medical HVAC service, maintenance, equipment retrofits and automation. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance programs for medical centers and hospitals to avoid HVAC or chiller breakdowns.

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