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At JS Thomas Service, turnkey retrofits of HVAC equipment for commercial and industrial facilities are our specialty. Any type of HVAC retrofit on a commercial building is a complicated task that can require electrical work, welding, removing or replacing windows, modification or relocation of walls, ceilings, floors, roofing work, concrete, masonry, carpentry and other construction work.   Coordinating and scheduling all of the necessary trades needed to complete the work can be very challenging and single delay or missed step can set the project back for days. 

If you own or manage a commercial or industrial facility, you know you can’t afford to have your facility’s HVAC system down for days at a time.  Because of our philosophy at JS Thomas Service, we have the experience and resources needed to efficiently manage the entire HVAC retrofitting project from start to finish. 

Our customers depend on JS Thomas Service not only for the design, engineering and installation of their new system but also to handle the challenge of arranging and coordinating all of the work necessary to complete the entire retrofit on schedule. Critical path operations such as steel pipe welding are completed in house with our own staff and we assemble a team of other trades for a completely turnkey project. 

We understand that weekend HVAC retrofits are like open heart surgery on your facility.  Our system shutdown experience ensures that you can be confident that your HVAC services will be up and running and your facility will be comfortable when your tenants return on Monday morning. 

From installing new energy efficient chillers to complete system replacements, with a turnkey HVAC equipment retrofit managed by JS Thomas you only have one contractor to deal with and one price for the entire project.  In addition to the convenience of single source responsibility, you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your project is managed by one of the premiere commercial HVAC contractors in the business with over 35 years of commercial and industrial HVAC experience. Contact our Chiller Retrofits Contractors today.

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