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JS Thomas Service works with property managers, building owners and facility operators to provide the latest in automated energy management systems solutions to maximize energy savings and comfort.  Whether you are constructing a new facility or retrofitting HVAC in an existing facility, we can design and install an automated energy management system to fit the needs of any size and type of facility. 

Our experienced commercial HVAC technicians are automated control systems experts who can handle installation, repair and service of all types of proprietary and non-proprietary building automated systems including TCS Basys systems. You can depend on our professional controls technicians to properly tune your automated control system for maximum energy efficiency.

Building automation is becoming increasingly popular as more affordable systems allow owners and managers of small and medium sized facilities to enjoy the advantages of automated control systems that were previously only available to larger facilities.  Many of these are web-based systems that can be monitored from anywhere over the internet, an attractive feature for off-site property owners and property managers who can easily manage several facilities right from their office. 

Benefits of automated control systems for your commercial HVAC services include cost savings through efficient energy management, convenient 24/7 remote access, fault detection alarms, data collection and improved security of the HVAC system.  The return on investment for an automated control system can be very attractive with a breakeven point of only a few years.

For expert installation, repair and service of your automated energy management system, contact our Commercial & Industrial HVAC Automation Specialists at JS Thomas Service. We are one of the premier commercial HVAC contractors serving the Atlanta metropolitan area and all of North Georgia.

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